vineri, 2 septembrie 2011

Welcome back !

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Springfield Center!
I trust that each of you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.
As some of you have seen we were here for the entire summer making sure that we will provide you the best team by the time we start the classes.
We are going to give your children an excellent year and we are looking forward working with you in providing a stimulating and productive educational experience for your children beside the new teachers.
We welcome Mrs Adina from 2-3 years old who is going to work with Ms.Madalina from 3-4 younger as a joined class, helping the young children to integrate in a smoother way.
 We also welcome Ms. Aurora and Mrs. Mihaela who are going to work together with the children from 4-5’s.
Mrs. Ioana is going to follow your children to 3-4 older. Mrs Rut is going to continue teaching at 5-6’s.
As you will notice we had to say Good Bye toMrs. Ruxi during the holiday and we wish her great new start on her professional path.
We have prepared great activities for your children in and outside Springfield Center. As long as the weather will continue to be our friend we have planned, according to our curriculum objectives (for most of the classes), to visit The ZOO and the Botanical Gardens in the last two weeks of September and the Village Museum and Opera for children in October. We will be giving you more information about the trips and other subjects during the Parent – Teacher meetings on 16thof September 2011
I sincerely hope that you will be able to join us for this event. 
Mihaela White,
Educational Manager of Springfield Center

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