marți, 23 septembrie 2014

luni, 22 septembrie 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk

Blue Class and Red Class( 4-5) have started a project called "Jack and the Beanstalk ". 
Over the week they have planted beans and watched them growing. They've also learned about long, short, big,small and tall using different games, according to the theme.

Small World activities

This week, Green Class and Pink Class children talked about their bodies, learning new words, according to the theme.
Mr.Potato helped them with the new words and they all had lots of fun together!

luni, 1 septembrie 2014

First day at school

First day at school- new friends, old friends, new teachers, old teachers. Welcome back everyone and have a great year ahead!

joi, 28 august 2014

Back to school

Luni, 1 septembrie 2014, ne vom intoarce la gradi. Dupa o vacanta meritata, iata-ne la inceput de an scolar, plini de avant si emotie. Colegi noi, prieteni vechi, o multime de lucruri frumoase care asteapta la linia de start, gata sa inceapa. Sa ne revedem cu bine!