marți, 19 noiembrie 2013

5-6 week activities

This week we are talking about Planets and The Solar Sistem. These are just a few activities that our children enjoyed !

The Solar Sistem

Making Pluto 

Our continents
Our Rocket

luni, 4 noiembrie 2013

November birthday celebrations

Tree Week

Dear parents,
We are celebrating the "Tree Week"so we will talk about why trees are important for our Planet and how can we protect them.
     We are going to have a lot of fun activities related to the theme for example:
·         having a trip in the park where we will collect leaves, acorns, twigs, chestnuts;
·         On Wednesday we are going to the pottery workshop where we will make clay pots and we will paint them.
     We are going to experiment nature with our senses (visual, auditory, touching, smelling, hearing) and to describe our feelings related to nature, especially trees.
·         talking about the recycling process and even to put it in practice using found materials.
·         drawing and painting all kind of trees
·         making a collage out of leaves, and twigs, acorns, pine corns
·         playing fun games like: “Hide and Seek”, “Find the treasure”, “Follow the footprints”
·         playing in the mud
·         reading stories about our trees and our Planet.

Please have a look at our pictures. You can download them from :